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If you want to settle within 10sq of me, that is negotiable, before you move there. I reserve the right to remove settlers.

The same goes for collecting rare T3-resources (Rare Herbs, Rare Minerals); harvesters may be removed. You can hunt NPC's and keep your hides and animals parts though. Also, rare T3 resource patches within 10sq are claimed. Settling in a way that situates a city closer to them does not generate a better claim. If I am not harvesting, harvesting by others is negotiable. You can see the difference by the lack of an occupation army. If it concerns rare minerals, a NAP and sharing are negotiable.

Be sensible, and ask first. It's also polite, and you have a big chance I will say yes.


"We are Malazan. We remain so, no matter the judgement of the Empress. Is this enough reason to give answer? No, it is not. Compassion is never enough. Nor is the hunger for vengeance. But, for now, for what awaits us, perhaps they will do. We are the Bonehunters, and sail to another name. Beyond Aren, beyond Raraku and beyond Y’Ghatan, we now cross the world to find the first name that will be truly our own. Shared by none other. We sail to give answer. There is more. But I will not speak of that beyond these words: “What awaits you in the dusk of the old world’s passing, shall go... unwitnessed.” T'Amber's words.

They are hard and well might they feed spite, if in weakness we permit such. But to those words I say this, as your commander we shall be our own witness, and that will be enough. It must be enough. It must ever be enough." 

- Adjunct Tavore Paran   (written by Steven Erikson)


The intelligence of that creature known as a crowd is the square root of the number of people in it - Terry Pratchett


The Sea Does not Dream of You - Steven Erikson


Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster. And if you gaze long enough into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you  -  Friedrich Nietzsche



Here is my cat Stormy:


Isn't he snuggly?




[23 Oct 16:08]<Vanerin> Ever tried licking chocolate off your elbow?

[18:18]<MicroMe> VAN!!!! uuuummmmmmm you have some chocolate on your elbow hun!

[18:19]<Vanerin> hehe

[18:19]<Vanerin> I can't seem to lick it off

[18:19]<MicroMe> *giggles*

[18:19]<MicroMe> *dashes over and licks it off*

[18:19]<Vanerin> Oh good!

[18:19]<Vanerin> I was wondering where I was going to find a dwarf to do that


[00:35]<Twinklett> tells ck a bedtime story

[00:36]<Captain Kindly> Oy. Is it a good one?

[00:36]<Twinklett> shhhh, .listen...

[00:36]<Captain Kindly> (ok)

[00:39]<Twinklett> there was once a little elf

[00:40]<Twinklett> she was scared
[00:40]<Captain Kindly> of what?

[[00:41]<Twinklett> her mum lost her

[00:42]<Twinklett> she searched the woods

[00:43]<Twinklett> under the trees

[00:44]<Twinklett> i forgot...


[11:19]<Twinklett> love trikes

[11:22]<Captain Kindly> Twinks, somehow I have the idea you'd love driving a tank too

[11:22]<Twinklett> heheeh!

[11:22]<Captain Kindly>

[11:23]<Smoking GNU> with rockets for a bra?

[11:23]<Gromgolar> wait..what?

[11:23]<Twinklett> ill go blow up king sig for being a tight ass

[11:26]<Twinklett> sips her tea and plans her attack..



[21:50]<Caconafyx> I'm a giant ninja teddy bear with built in rocket launchers



[13 Dec 03:35]<Rhiann> someone who needs their own body work right there^

[13 Dec 03:35]<Garthen> Yeah, it was a couple of years later I met my first great healer/teacher

[13 Dec 03:35]<Garthen> You may hate this, but oart of his regimen is Rolfing

[13 Dec 03:36]<Garthen> Man, that's some painful stuff

[13 Dec 03:36]<Garthen> "Here, let me pry your diaphragm away from your ribs"...

[13 Dec 03:37]<Vanerin> Yikes!

[13 Dec 03:38]<Garthen> I exaggerate..but if you don't know about Rolfing, Google it

[13 Dec 03:38]<Rhiann> no hes not, that's about right

[13 Dec 03:38]<Garthen> It actually helped a great concert pianist overcome arthritis, iirc

[13 Dec 03:38]<Garthen> Roflmao!!

[13 Dec 03:39]<Garthen> Rolfing is a very small part of what he does, to be clear

[13 Dec 03:39]<Rhiann> it's not fun, i had a serious hip flexor problem, too much running, and had a "friend" work on it.

[13 Dec 03:40]<Rhiann> would of taken his head off his GD shoulders if i could of

[13 Dec 03:40]*Vanerin first wondered if there was a connection between "Roflmao" and "Rolfing"

[13 Dec 03:40]<Rhiann> hahah!

[13 Dec 03:40]<Garthen>

[13 Dec 03:40]<Garthen> Quite the opposite, in fact...

[13 Dec 03:40]<Vanerin> I guess there is a connection as they are opposites

[13 Dec 03:40]<Vanerin> heh

[13 Dec 03:41]<Rhiann> no laughing in rolfing

[13 Dec 03:41]<Garthen> Rolfing is more like "wish I could roll around on the floor in pain, but your hand is jabbed so far into my body, I can't move"

[13 Dec 03:41]<Rhiann> HAHAH!!! serious crying and screaming.




[16:51]<-Pongo-> ok why do you think i go all over the map? Easy when u think about it Nis

[16:51]<Rill> to annoy as many people as possible?
[16:52]<Smoking GNU> that's MY job, rill


[23:35]<Captain Kindly> There is an episode where Nathan Fillion wears a Halloween Space Cowboy costume. That's the Browncoat uniform from Firefly (same actor). And a few of the Firefly actors play guest roles.

[23:36]*tansiraine runs in molests CK and leaves

[23:36]<Captain Kindly> hi and bye tansi.

[23:36]<Rill> that's so cool!

[23:36]<Rill> the Firefly stuff, not the molesting



[15:44]<twilights> i am a dream come true for our military leaders




[22:09]<twilights> me and varerin going to have a twerking tournament

[22:10]<Vanerin> Bahaaaha

[22:10]<Bartleby> hmmm

[22:10]<Bartleby> not sure who to put money on

[22:10]<twilights> i have to go study miley on the mvas

[22:10]<Bartleby> and i mean that as betting, not like a strip club



[15:28]<darkkisser> dont pay attention to the trolls here



[9 May 15:01]<Captain Kindly> Van, you are evil

[09 May 15:02]<ChezBobbo> she is not, she is a tree hugger with some extra horseys and dudes who drink her beer 

Captain Kindly> oh well, you probably deserved that. OK Van you are not evil.

[09 May 15:04]<Vanerin> Perhaps I am an evil treehugger...

[9 May 15:04]<Captain Kindly> Or you hug evil trees

[09 May 15:04]<Vanerin> Oooh, that too



[02:01]<Aviddriver> how much is a myriad rill?

[02:02]<Rill> more than a legion, less than a cornucopia

[02:02]<Sisren> avid - its when myr takes over illyriad


[22:33]*ELECTROK hugs Vanerin.

[22:33]<ELECTROK> OMG, I just hugged in public. What is happening to me?

[22:33]<Vanerin> How was the tour Electro?

[22:34]<ELECTROK> It was fun, Vanerin. You HUGcr folks are awesome, as are the eCrow people.

[22:35]<ELECTROK> I'm being nice and even hugging people - I'm ruining my reputation.


[00:52]<Angrim> twi's blathering is beyond confirmation. it comes from an alternate universe in which evidence is a theoretical concept.


[23:00]<Artefore> rikoo, I feel a deep pit of despair open up inside me every time I put something in the forums and it doesn't get IMMEDIATELY answered 

[23:01]<Kodabear> lol

[23:01]<GM Rikoo> I hear you, but non-stop crayon drawings of unicorns are not what we had in mind.


Rill gets 'Hodored':

02:44]<Rill> I dared not show my relief

[02:44]<Rill> what sort of honor, then? I asked

[02:44]<Rill> why ... the highest honor of all ... to give a place a name

[02:44]<Rill> he answered

[02:44]<Hodor> hodor


[11:32]<HATHALDIR> in my defence, i am male and have been getting it wrong for years


[22:20]<Lathspel> i'm always a shade of great



[16 Jan 10:54]<Martilicious> can i close that page now jj?

[16 Jan 10:55]<Jejune> Yes, thanks again.

[16 Jan 10:55]<Martilicious> the clock is running... $100 p/h etc....

[16 Jan 10:55]<Jejune> Whew. What are you, a lawyer?

[16 Jan 10:56]<Martilicious> worse

[16 Jan 10:56]<Martilicious> a woman


[28 Jan 20:47]<Martilicious> I hd a really odd dream last night (too tired for sure)

[28 Jan 20:47]<Martilicious> SC edited my profile to make himself my favourite :O


[04 Mar 11:36]<He-Man> cant get anymore rational than an aussie bloke 

[04 Mar 11:36]<Martilicious> apart from an Aussie woman

[04 Mar 11:37]<He-Man> well aussie men and women are opposites really, men are rational, women are irrational


[04 Mar 11:40]<Martilicious> *checks THor's wall)

[04 Mar 11:41]<Martilicious> OMG Thor, I am a regular on your wall

[04 Mar 11:42]<Martilicious> oh crap, that is gonna be on there too, isn't it?


[03:59]<Martilicious> Marti goes both ways 



[10:41]<He-Man> everyone annoys me

[10:41]<Thorgrim> lol

[10:41]<Thorgrim> You going sergeant Hartman on us? 

[10:41]<Thorgrim> (full metal jacket)

[10:42]<He-Man> no, sgt hartman goes he-man


[20:54]<Queen Resources> Can someone please send me some resources?



[15:20]<Ista> need coffee

[15:20]<Coffee> here I'm 

[15:20]<Ista> rofl

[15:21]<Ista> Now there is a name 

[15:21]*Ista holds cup out




On the Eurovision 2014 entry by Poland, a performance that stood out thanks to 2 luscious women churning butter and washing a shirt:

[1 Nov 22:04]<Captain Kindly> One is a washingwoman even.

[01 Nov 22:04]<AJJ> Good grief, Cap'n haha

[1 Nov 22:04]<Captain Kindly> hehe, that act was an advertorial for Polish Brides...

[01 Nov 22:05]<Sonnura> Oh dear...

[01 Nov 22:05]<AJJ> Well it worked; even I wanted a Polish wife after seeing it the first time 


[curious? See for yourself: ]




--- THE END---