Grrosh O'ssk

Orc Male
Orc Male Character Portrait

The First-born of Warchief R'ak Othmog of Clan Blood Tusk and decendant of a great Always-chief, Grrosh O'ssk, longs for Orcish dominance. His tribe and others were driven out Kal Tirikan in the Time of the Greenskin Exodus during the First Age.  Dwarves, Elves, Humans and other humanoids waged war after war that slowly pushed the Northern Orc and goblinkin tribes out of their native homelands.  Determined to see the rise of the Always-Chiefs once more and a new Orc empire, Grrosh slowly unites the scattered Orcish settlements of The Broken Lands.  He has begun a long and bloody march to reclaim Clan lands to see the rise of the Orc again.  Enter now, the time of Clan unity, the return of the Clan Warchiefs, orc hordes, and a renewed Order of the Orc.



 Grrosh O'ssk First-born of R'ak Othmog- 

                           Mad Uruk Kraul 

              Order of the Orc" [HORDE]

         Blackrock Blades [B|B] sub-division

             Warchief of Clan 'Blood Tusk '




The new age of the Orc is now....



The Order of the Orc [HORDE] is a confederation of Orc Clans or "Bajrak" for the greater good and advancement of the Greenskin.  A union bound by alliance in the time of war and during prosperity.  Anchored firmly now in The Broken Lands, the tribes of Elgea have a greater purpose in the advancement and restablishment of the Orc.


[HORDE] focuses on the continued progression, expansion and prosperity of its members.  It is based in The Orken Coast, Shardlands, and small clusters in Northern Elgea.  As it is Orc-only, HORDE is comitted to the advancement of all members in unity and cooperation with other like-minded alliances.

The Conclave of the Chosen:  (or Council of the Five in the days of the Always-Chiefs) Is the ruling Hierarchy for allied Clans.  It is made up of the five most loyal and active Uruks and together decides future military, economic, geopolitical tendencies and expansion.  The vote rules all decisions in this new beginning.



Clan Capitals:

Clan capitals often adopt the lastname of the most recent Chieftain.  An example might be:  A Clan Chieftain with the name of "Togg U'gak" might change the name entirely to one of Orcish decent or simply adopt one of the common endings to add to part of thier last name such as "gar, okk, mok, ag, orah, en, al, or uk" which would change from "Shard" to "Shard U'gaken" or just "U'gaken".  This would symbolize the rulership of the most Orc Warchieftain.  It is smiled upon very heavily by the HighChieftain. 



Do not harvest or camp in our five square radius or we will remove it.  We will not harvest in yours as well.


Trading with Factions:





"Order Avhe Uruk"  (Order of the Orc-Clan)


        Order Avhe Uruk






Orc Resources:

Black Tongue

Orc Military

A guide for city specialization:

A guide to crafting:

Resource for City Placement:

A guide on Terraforming:  Step-by-step guide to terraforming

Calculating "10-square rule": (When in doubt please use the "10 Squares Squared Rule" for respect to established players).


Goblin Spy


         Kobold Cohort



Rare Herb Tile Locations:

Ancient Forest: Ironstem Root, Brascan Seeds

Wooded Glade: Larken Wood, Brascan Seeds, Queen's Hair, Furizion Seedpods, Sharproot

Blessed Oak: Ancient Oak

Thick Forest: Larken Wood, Vistrok Flowers

Dense Forest: Larken Wood, Brascan Seeds, Suntree Haft, Vistrok Flowers, Furizion Seedpods, Sharproot, Brownback Moss

Light Woods: Larken Wood, Brascan Seeds, Brownback Moss, Vistrok Flowers, Sharproot, Queen's Hair

Wooded Land: Larken Wood, Brascan Seeds, Brownback Moss, Vistrok Flowers, Sharproot

Forested Hilltop:  Larken Wood, Brascan Seeds, Suntree Haft, Furizion Seedpods, Silverthorn, Rockweed Root

Swamp, Mire, March, Bog: Toadcap Fungus

Abandoned Mineshaft: Miner's Bane

Light Tropical Cover: Queen's Hair,          |Jungle| Giant Palm Leaves

Tropical Foliage: Giant Palm Leaves

Tropical Hilltop: Queen's Hair

Dense Foliage: Giant Palm Leaves, Dyallom Gall

Rainforest: Giant Palm Leaves, Queen's Hair, Furizion Seedpods, Dyallom Gall

Fisherman's Hut: Ancient Oak

Abundant Clay, Exposed Clay, Turned Clay, Plains: Warpwood Shoot

Oasis: Rahan Palm Wood, Spidertree Leaves

Weeping Willow: Queen's Hair

Palm Trees: Rahan Palm Wood, Giant Palm Leaves, Ebony Wood

Dark Forest: Brascan Seeds

Forbidden: Ancient Oak