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As I have stated in GC, April 30th will be my last day.   It has been an amazing experience from my beginnings with LWO.  I moved on to Toothless? and helped with training before moving on to Harmless?.   I have worked with a group of the player base and made a number of close friends.  I will continue logging onto diggik (Harmless?'s forum) from time to time so you can contact me there if I don't already have your contact information.

I will again stress that the war did not drive me from Illyirad, in fact It kept me around longer because of it. 

Best wishes to everyone in there stay with Illyriad but mostly in the  day to day dealing with the Real World!  


[23:52]<Anjire> I'm back, had to step away so couldn't continue the conversation about "secrets" that may or may not be glitches in the game.
[23:52]<Molgzonor the Tardy> good luck moving anywhere near him in the newbring
[23:52]<Lorcan> dont use the magic spell. exo to a 7 food first
[23:52]<.Mjölnir.> Kife don't be so quick to use that free move*
[23:52]<Anjire> So, here is one big "secret" of the game that really isn't a glitch but involves information that I am sure the GM's didn't intend to be available. I know of two apps, I am sure there is at least one or more out there that is capable of gathering/displaying this information.
[23:52]<GM Rikoo> @Molg - true, but they can both move outside of it.
[23:53]<.Mjölnir.> Life* sp
[23:53]<Molgzonor the Tardy> you should find an area for both of yall to settle later
[23:53]<LifeAlert> Okay well let me see where he appears first.
[23:53]<Anjire> Moving units of the maps, apparently the information exists that you can tell exactly how big a moving unit is military or diplomatic Further with diplomats, the information of the exact type of diplomat it is is available.
[23:53]<Big Country> How Anjire?
[23:53]<LifeAlert> Good idea Molgzonor.
[23:53]<Molgzonor the Tardy> GM we should get 1 free move every 6 months or year
[23:54]<Anjire> So, not really a glitch because the information is being sent to your browser and if you are knowledgeable about programming then you can gain access to it. I am sure if HonoredMule had the time to invest, he could have put together something for us but alas his real life is too demanding.
[23:54]<GM Rikoo> @Molg - hmm. I'll suggest it, might put it on the forums as well.
[23:54]<.Mjölnir.> Anjire remember when we could see numbers in armies and dips moving if one was confed with the moving force?
[23:54]<GM Rikoo> @Anj - I don't know about all of that, will pass it on. If it is non-intended, we'll see what happens.
[23:54]<G0DsDestroyer> Hey I remember that Mjolnir
[23:54]<Anjire> I am not a programmer. I have had recent exposure to two of the apps out there and that is the information that they can gather.
[23:55]<.Mjölnir.> I liked that feature then it went bye bye
[23:55]<Anjire> Yeah, the information and more is apparently still present just not displayed unless you have the know how to extract it.

My opinion is, as .Mjolner pointed out, that the information that used to be there to confedsin the older UI is still being sent but not displayed, When the GM's updated to a new interface they didn't modify the information being sent or limit the information and instead only changed what was displayed.  Players with programming knowledge found this out and where able to extract this information and display everything whether confed or not.