Elf Male
Elf Male Character Portrait

I follow the 10 square rule and reserve the right to attack anyone who comes within 10 squares of my cities without previously given permission. Also anyone who settles/farm on my sov or army encampment spots will probably be attacked or yelled at.


                                                  Have fun !

p.s. I am always looking for Iceheart, Brown Bear/ Wild Dog furs and hides. Contact me if you have any spare to sell, i have gold available for those....

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NPC Encounter Group Sizes

Size Min Max
A Few 1 3
A Handful 4 8
Several 9 21
A Pack 22 81
Many 82 128
A Gathering 129 227
A Horde 228 462
A Throng 463 815
A Host 816 2,500
A Legion 2,501 9,999
A Myriad 10,000 24,999
A Sea 25,000 49,999
A Cornucopia 50,000+