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CentrumSantellya Sansouran


Progressorian History Archive

Founded Pinus Longaeva [-55|143] 9 Feb 2012
Joined Faction Supply Union [FSU] 26 Feb 2012
Moved Pinus Longaeva [-703|-380] 28 Feb 2012
Founded Fitzroya Cupressoides [-606|-337] 28 Feb 2012
 Left  Faction Supply Union [FSU] 13 Mar 2012
Build his first L20 building (Storehouse) 18 Mar 2012
Joined Toothless? [T?] 18 Mar 2012
Founded Sequoiadendron Giganteum  [-521|-504] 4 Apr 2012
Exodused Fitzroya Cupressoides to [-611|-339] 21 Apr 2012
Founded Juniperus Occidentalis [-673 |-651] 24 Apr 2012
Graduated from Toothless? [T?] 25 Apr 2012
Joined Fairy Road Authority [Roads] 26 Apr 2012
Claimed his first Soverein square [-704|-381] 20 May 2012
Promoted to Road Worker in Fairy Road Authority [Roads] 20 May 2012
Promoted to Trade Co-Ordinator in Fairy Road Authority [Roads] 21 May 2012
Initiated his first siege on Koragg's city of Kazarad at [-913|-564] 4 Jun 2012
Captured Kazarad and renamed it Lagarostrobos Franklinii 6 Jun 2012
Killed his first legion of NPCs (Giant Rats) 30 Jun 2012
Reached the top 2000 of general ranking ~1 Jul 2012
Initiated siege on Eneria's city of 1. Leafglade 15 Jul 2012
Captured 1. Leafglade and renamed it Pinus Aristata 20 Jul 2012
Initiated Exodus of Pinus Aristata from [-793|-363] 22 Jul 2012
Completed Exodus of Pinus Aristata to [-596|-327] 24 Jul 2012
Bought his first prestige 30 Jul 2012
Siege initiated on Pinus Longaeva by Anjire [H?] 6 Nov 2012
Siege initiated on Pinus Longaeva by DrDraegan [H?] 6 Nov 2012
Pinus Longaeva razed by Anjire [H?] 7 Nov 2012 
Founded Sequoia Sempervirens [-361|-337] 13 Nov 2012
Founded Pinus Balfouriana [-377|-335] 28 Nov 2012
Reached the top 1000 of general ranking 10 Jan 2013
Maximised all the resource plots in one city (Fitroya Cuppressiodes) 7 Mar 2013

Steamtastic bears, Progressor's national animal.

And remember, if you killed chat:
Call a Necromancer!

I have an alt called Prøgressør.