~South Seas Pirates~ [~SSP~]

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Ahoy me hearties!

We be the South Seas Pirates!


Avast, ye landlubber!  We be offerin’ peace to all ye wayfaring vessels n' sea ports!  Aye, we likes the vast open seas and sails them proudly with our Jolly Rogers’ flyin’ high.  Gentlemen o’ fortune we are!  All ye lily-livered scallywags best be nice, or we’ll keelhaul the lot of ya!  And trust me matey, ye won’t be survivin’ that!

Any swashbucklin’ buccaneers wishin’ to join our ranks need only ask!  All privateers are welcome as long as ye don’t have scurvy!  The only request be that ye place your town near the vast open sea and proudly place ~SSP~ before your town's name!  Our four tiny islands be reserved fer future pirates, so please leave them be!  Aarrr!


Pirate rules:

We only plunders those poor souls who leaves their towns unattended!  In other words, inactives be our primary targets!  Friendly ports n’ ships are not to be plundered unless I gives the orders!  These orders be simple.  Anyone disrespectin’ or harassin’ members will be given the black spot and may be targeted fer plundering!  

Any mutineers will be thrown into the brig or sent to Davy Jones’ Locker!

All doubloons n' booty belongs to the pirate who tooks em ~ so does any consequences for any negative deeds!  If I hears of wrongful doin’s within me ranks, the person responsible will be flogged with a cat o' nine tails and possibly be walkin’ the plank!


Shiver me timbers!  Thar be no better friend than making friends with a pirate!  Oh, and one last piece of advice: beware the grog in our port taverns and the wenches that serves it!  Aarrr!

If ye gots any questions, concerns, requests, or complaints:

Contact either PirateLord or PirateKing with the details.  To ensure ye get a timely response ~ I should be likin' all the information in the message ye be sendin' me.